Joe Rogan to release new ivermectin vaccine in partnership with Dana White…to be made available to UFC fighters first

Former Fear Factor host, podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan on his last JRE Show where he had Kimbo Slice as a guest made the announcement that for the past 3 months has been working with multiple renown Doctors to create a new ivermectin vaccine.

With the help of UFC President Dana White the Ivermectin vaccine will be made available early February this year and will be first distributed to all the UFC Fighters and further to the fans when they come in attendance for the fights.

Rogan explained that the vaccine will contain DMT and Elk meat and advised that everybody that takes the vaccine will be required to go on a only meat diet and watch his podcast at least two hours a day in order to be effective.

After the news of the new ivermectin vaccine release Dana White made the announcement that Rogan will be inducted in UFC Hall of Hame due to his extraordinary work in battling Covid and the person that will induct him is none other than the famous Doctor W.Silva