Just in: Conor McGregor takes control of Ireland by force and opens concentrations camps for anyone that refuses to drink Proper Twelve Whiskey

Today in a Instagram live Former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight champion Conor “The Notorious” McGregor announced that he has taken full control of the country of Ireland and will open concentration camps for whoever refuses to drink his whiskey Proper Twelve.

This came as a shook as how McGregor was able to take control as he still can’t walk, he might be the first person ever in history of mankind to take control over a country while still in a wheelchair from his last fight versus Poirier.

Most Irishmen have already booked themselves in the concentrations camps as they know Proper Twelve is worse and they are not very concerned of the situation as if he holds control over the country and tries to defend it as he did with his UFC belts it will be short lived.

One thing that does concern the fellow Irishmen is that as part of the torture in the concentrations camps is that everybody that is there has to watch videos of McGregor while he is top half naked screaming and while being fueled with cocaine and have to follow and read all of Dillon Danis’s Tweets.