Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane feud gets ever more heated after Coach Fernando Lopez reveals on going child custody dispute

Current UFC Heavyweight Champion and arguably the hardest hitting fighter in MMA Francis “The Predator” Ngannou is due to have his first title defence against Cyril “Bon Gamin” Gane this upcoming Saturday night at UFC 270.

Most fight fans are excited for this fight due to the very interesting matchup between Francis and Cyril where one is the hardest puncher in the heavyweight division while the other is the most technical.

If the interesting matchup isn’t enough to excite everyone the fact that they used to be sparring partners will, both shared the same gym and coach before Francis moved to US to train at Extreme Couture under coach Nicksick.

The beef between the two appeared to spark when Cyril won the Interim Heavyweight Belt and sparring videos was released of the two where Cyril appeared to be getting out on top. At UFC 269 Francis appeared to be bothered by the whole situation where he walked past both Cyril and his former coach Fernando Lopez refusing to acknowledge their presence while they was backstage with a fighter that they cornered.

Due to One the sparring videos being released Francis felt forced to respond with a statement of his own letting everybody know he accidentally knocked out Cyril with a head kick in a sparring session.

With all of this being said it would appear that their beer couldn’t get worse but that was until according to Francis former coach coach Lopez where it appears both are in a ongoing child custody dispute that took an ugly turn after Ngannou left France for good. Picture of the child is attached to the beginning of the article in a picture.