Jon Jones to open a new gym in Albuquerque,New Mexico that will focus on providing self defence lessons to pregnant women

Former Light Heavyweight Champion and arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time Jon Jones has been out of competition since February 2020 that if you ignore last year’s September UFC Hall of Fame when he got arrested.

Since vacating the Light Heavyweight belt Jones has started focusing on different other activities such as bulking up to debut at Heavyweight and charity work when he is not in jail.

Today from an inside source which uses the alias of PillaShaw has informed our Lead Reporter Brent Welwany that Jones has been working on opening a new gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico which will focus on providing self defence lessons to pregnant women.

According to our inside informant PillaShaw the potential gym members will be offered performance enchanting drugs to help with defending against attackers and everyone will be put in the worst situations possible so they will know how to deal with it, they will be in the same room with Jon Jones while he is drinking while having to pretend to be his wife.