Former UFC Fighter Mike Perry arrested for attempting to steal an alligator from zoo to use it as a sparring partner

Former UFC Welterweight Fighter Mike “Platinum” Perry was arrested today for allegedly attempting to steal a alligator from a local Florida Zoo to use it as a sparring partner for his upcoming BKFC fight with “Let Me Bang” Guy.

According to the police report Perry was spotted by one of the zoo workers inside the alligators enclosure trying to submit one of the animals while wearing only speedos.

The Zoo worker wasn’t surprised at all just like GSP because he knows he lives in Florida but did call the police which responded rather quickly after being informed Perry is black.

When the police arrived at the Florida Zoo they was surprised to see that Perry was very compliant for an African-American even attempting to shake their hands only to leave them empty handed while screaming “You though you had a friend boy” when the officers tried to replicate the gesture.

The police officers surprised by Perry deceit they proceed to tase him continuously while screaming “stop resisting” even though he was unconscious for nearly two minutes.

After Perry was successfully detained and taken to the nearest police station he was interrogated on why he trespassed the zoo premises and assaulted the animal in question to where he responded with that he wanted to “borrow” the alligator so he can use to it as his sparring partner for his upcoming fight in BKFC.