Dana White on Francis Ngannou’s money dispute:”After he loses to the champion the goofball can go and start a YouTube channel and get paid more”

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis “The Predator” Ngannou’s due to defend his belt today against Cyril Gane today in one of the most anticipated Heavyweights fights of all time.

Even though the matchup itself managed to get a lot of attention in the eyes of the fans what got even more attention is Ngannou’s money dispute with UFC and the president Dana White.

Ngannou has come public multiple times not being pleased with how much he is getting paid in the UFC and even days before his fight with Gane has stated he will not accept getting paid only $500k per fight as a champion.

White has been known to shut down any public attempt by any fighter to get paid more and this time was no different where in a interview with SportsCenter where when he was asked about the situation in question he had the following to say:

“I know it’s that’s goofball of manager that is putting all this in his head but after he loses to the champion he can go and start an YouTube channel and get paid more”