Greg Hardy reacts to Jon Jones fiancée leaving him…”Keep your head up Champ, I pray you find your peace and beat those demons”

Following his arrest last September after UFC Hall of Fame, Jon Jones was taken to court for his illegal actions when asked what was his stance on the allegations of domestic violence presented against him he responded with “Orthodox”. Pleading not guiltily and asking if God could do the sentence for him. Jones charges ended up getting dismissed and he carried on with his life as everything was back to normal.

Initially Jon Jones appeared to try to turn his life around by giving up alcohol and embracing love, peace and a little bit of coke, all that appeared not to have been enough in the end. The Light Heavyweight Goat

That was until earlier today that Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion in retaliation to the body camera footage getting released he announced in a now deleted tweet that his wife left him over two months ago. Funny enough the tweet left (was deleted) faster than his wife.

Nevertheless fighters and fans alike reacted to the news, some of them being former UFC Welterweight title contenderColby Covington Lightweight Terrance McKinney and Heavyweight Greg Hardy.

The most notable was Greg Hardy’s reaction who also has a history of fighting undersized opponents. In a Instagram live when a fan asked what he think of Bones’s wife leaving him he had the following to say:

“Keep your head up Champ. I believe that you will overcome any obstacle that you have in front of you even if it means punching your way through it. I pray you find your peace and beat those demons. And if you struggling to find new sparring partners Invicta is the place to go ”

Greg Hardy via Instagram