Jon Jones announces MMA retirement…Landed acting role in upcoming movie named Under the Octagon

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bonnes” Jones has been out of competition since 2020 where he vacated the belt to move up to Heavyweight.

Going into nearly two years since Jones last competed fight fans was lead to believe more and more that he will not return and their fears was confirmed today when Jon made an announcement during an Instagram live.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion went live on Instagram to let his fans know of one of his new upcoming projects where initially everyone thought he has come up with some sort of deal with ufc to return to competition only to be surprised by Jones announcing his retirement.

After announcing his retirement Jones also announced that he is working on his acting career and will star as the lead role in a upcoming movie that is named Under the Octagon and will be working up close with UFC’s Best Actor Aljamain Sterling on improving his acting.

Jones appeared to exited for his new upcoming project that he planned to celebrate with a night out of drinking and sparring after.