Just In: South Carolina Police investigating Stephen “WonderBoy” Thompson in relation to a series of murders which appears to be the art of a serial killer

According to South Carolina Police department UFC Welterweight Fighter Stephen “WonderBoy” Thompson is being investigated in relation to a series of murders that appear to be the art of a serial killer.

The news of Thompson being investigated was leaked to our Lead Reporter Brent Welwany by an insider from the police department that for legal reasons used the alias of Divine Chocolate Jones.

According to our insider Thompson was spotted by multiple eye witnesses driving a black van with the inscription on it of “ Free Karate lessons” in the area of multiple crime scenes prior to the crime being committed.

Also an fortune individual who managed to escape the alleged serial killer in question described his attacker as being one of the nicest persons he ever meet before attempting out of nowhere to side kick him the stomach.

The individual who preferred to remain anonymous for his safety explained that he was very lucky to escape due to the fact he mentioned he will “remember his name” which caused the attacker to freeze for a second giving him chance to run.

At the moment Thompson has not been detained due to the lack of evidence but with the ongoing investigation he is the prime suspect due to fitting the description.