Dana White admitted to Brookhurst Hospital in Anaheim, California due to suffering an aneurysm during the UFC 270 main-event

According to our inside sources UFC President Dana White has been admitted to Brookhurts Hospital in Aneheim, California after allegedly suffering an aneurysm during the UFC 270 main-event between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane.

The 52 years old has been known to suffer from a rare skin condition named Vitilgo that turns your skin pink when the fighter you don’t like is about to win.

And that was the case on Saturday night with Francis Ngannou that was about to win and retain his UFC Heavyweight Championship. With the unexpected use of his wrestling the champ persevered after being down the first two rounds and to defy all the odds and survive the Drake Curse, Chael Sonnen curse, UFC Haircut Embedded Curse and even a fight cancelling injury.

Our UFC inside mole who is not Megan Olivi has informed us that during the 5th round of the main-event when Ngannou performed the sweep to reverse position and come on top of Cyril Gane that was the moment White had the alleged aneurysm and had to be immediately transported to Brookhurts Hospital in Aneheim, California which has been admitted on the section unit of the establishment.

White health condition is currently unknown but what is clear is that he will not be attending another Francis Ngannou fight ever again, especially after all the efforts attempts to discredit him pre-fight which have failed miserably.