Dana White planning to go to space with the money saved from UFC 270

UFC President Dana White and the MMA promotion itself has been under scrutiny for some time due to not paying its fighters the right amount of money. Fighters like Jon Jones, Masvidal and most recently Francis Ngannou have been denied when they asked to be paid their fair share which caused a lot of controversy.

Going into UFC 270 one of the main stories was the inability of agreeing to a new contract with the heavyweight champion of the world due to the pay dispute. Soon after UFC 270 the pay was made public and it was a total of $1.8 milion where Heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua was offered $15 million to not even fight which for many fight fans is disgraceful.

Another thing that got fight fans questioning is why wasn’t Dana White present to rap the belt on Francis Ngannou after he successfully defended the belt and many speculated that it was due to the bad relationship between the two but it appears to not be true at all.

White was unable to rap the belt around the defending heavyweight champion due to being in a hurry to catch a plane that will be taking him into the space all away to the moon.That’s where The UFC President will be able to enjoy all the money saved from the last event, UFC 270.