UFC to premiere a new show in second half of 2023 named “Dana White Tuesday Night Offenders Series“ where they are hoping to find the next Jon Jones, Greg Hardy

After the success of the show DWTNCS the UFC together with their president are planning on premiering a new show in the second half of 2022 which will be named “Dana White Tuesday Night Offenders Series.

The new show will have the same format as DWTNCS only difference is that UFC fighters with one fight left on their contract will go against previous offenders as the title suggests.

If the current UFC fighters come on top they will get another seven fights contract giving the show a new twist due to the fighters desperation to remain in the promotion.

The news of this news show was revealed by Dana White on the FullSend Podcast with The Nelkboys where he stated that he is looking for the next Jon Jones, Greg Hardy that they will bring the same mentality in the Octagon as they do in the household.