UFC Welterweight Contender Colby Covington spotted getting kicked out of a KFC rally

Former UFC Welterweight challenger and Interim Champion Colby “Chaos” Covington is well known for his controversial trash talk where he created an alt-right persona to gain attention on himself. Covington has been known to take things too far awarding him the “Dana White Privilege” title.

The Chaos holds up to his nickname by triggering the left wing MMA fan base multiple times with his actions but in this one instance he managed to trigger both sides with one move.

On Sunday Covington was spotted by our Lead Reporter Brent Welwany at a KFC Rally in Kentucky which obviously wasn’t necessarily surprising but what he did next was. The 33 years old was witnessed being kicked out of the Rally due to holding up a Pink Lives Matter sign which he appears to have got in unwitnessed.

Covington was meet with loud boos from the other rally attendees calling him a race traitor and accusing him of putting a fake persona for clout.The Chaos didn’t hold back and said the worst thing a person attending a KFC rally could say he said “Joe Biden is my president and if you got a problem with it use promo code Colby at “