Jake Paul and Partners buys 51.3% shares in Endeavour parent company giving them control of the UFC to fire Dana White

Former YouTuber and now Professional Boxer that only boxes old MMA guys has bought enough stock to take over control of UFC and have the power to fire Dana White.

This is revolutionary, fighters will finally be getting paid more but the bigger question is who will take Dana’s place after he will get fired? Will it be Jake Paul? But before we look further into that let’s see what actually the younger Paul brother actually did.

So for the people that got fooled by Jake Paul like including “the journalist” Ariel Helwani what JP actually did was promote a company called EngineNo.1 which he most likely got paid for and didn’t disclose and in same time get attention on himself making people think he actually cares.

People that actually know about stocks, know it’s literally impossible to take over the UFC by buying some stocks which we have no proof he even did, if anything the endeavour stock appeared to be down 2% today.Also if you look at Jake Paul’s history of doing promotion you will see he has a long history of promoting projects that soon disappear after he got paid and not disclosed.but if you listen to the Problem Child when it comes to how to invest in stocks you deserve your fate.

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