Dana White reveals why he wasn’t present at UFC 270 main-event to put the belt on Francis Ngannou: “I had to go backstage, I had diarrhoea”

Following UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis “The Predator” Ngannou win at UFC 270 event the most talked about situation was UFC President Dana White absence from the main-event to wrap the belt around the waits of the winner.

What got White in more hot waters was the after ongoing negotiations with Francis and the antics pre-fight disrespecting him he didn’t give Francis the respect to wrap the belt around his waist . Many believed that Dana was being upset because the Champ retained the title against all his efforts to stop him from doing so.

White has been silent until today where during an Q&A with ESPN hosted by Laura Sanko he wanted to make it clear it wasn’t anything disrespectful towards Ngannou that he wasn’t present to wrap the belt around him because he had to go backstage due to having a severe case of diarrhoea.

White said everyone who thinks he intended to disrespect Francis is an idiot, how can he disrespect Francis when he has UFC to send an email before his fight that he is getting sued so he can screw with his head?Or the multiple antics in the media treating Gane as the actual champion?

Dana explained that when he shaw Ngannou started using his wrestling to win the fight he soiled his pants and had to immediately go backstage. Attached below is a representation of White during the UFC 270 main-event.