UFC suing Jake Paul for manipulating the stock market after his tweet announcing his investment made Endeavour stock price plummet

Former YouTuber and Professional Boxer Jake “The Disabled Child” Paul has been at “war” with the UFC Brass and more so with its president Dana White for some time. The YouTube sensation has attacked UFC over multiple topics with the most recent one being fighters pay.

In a recent tweet Logan Paul’s little brother announced an investment into UFC parent company named Endeavour with the intent to increase fighter pay and give them health care. Tweet attached below.

After Jake’s announcement the Endeavour stock appeared to have plummeted to an all time low since the company went public last year making UFC’s legal team to take action and announcing action against Jake Paul in the form of an lawsuit for manipulating the stock market in order to get the Endeavour stock to drop.

The UFC is also planning on filling a trade mark lawsuit against Paul due to to an attempt of stealing their logo.