Dana White responds to Jake Paul Diss Track: “ Matt Hamill can do a better job than that”

Former YouTuber and now professional boxer Jake “The Disabled Child” Paul has been at it with the UFC brass and more so with their president Dana White, bringing up multiple concerns like fighter pay.

Today Paul went a step further and released a diss track on Dana White and UFC with the intro featuring Wanderlei Silva. Logan Paul little brother tried to walk a mile into Eminem’s shoes but only thing that was similar to it was his was his singing cause it was as bad as Em’s beard. Jake Paul lyrics was so lazy that they seem like they was written by Nick Newell’s left hand.

Nevertheless Dana White responded to the diss track in a Instagram live where he had the following to say:

“This goofball wasted all this money and time just so he can embarrass himself and dig his own grave, I mean even Matt Hamill can do a better job than that”