Conor McGregor granted custody of illegitimate child

A 14 years old boy named Dilddon Denise was in centre of attention at Dublin’s County Courtroom last week.

The boy challenged a court ruling of who should have custody of him.

A history of domestic abuse by the boy’s Mother appears to have been the reason for the court hearing.

The Judge initially awarded the custody to the boy’s aunt which was shortly overruled when it was revealed that the aunt was being even more abusive then his parents.

The boy adamantly refused to live with his aunt as she keeps reminding him that he will never get to see Khabib vs Tony Ferguson.

The judge horrified by the new findings then suggested that the boy goes to live with his parents to where he instantly started to uncontrollably cry.

Upon seeing him cry the judge asked why was he crying to where the boy with tears in his eyes said this:

“Every time they were upset that they run out of Proper Twelve they would punish me by making me watch Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje”

The judge after hearing this horror story immediately ordered the arrest of the grandparents.

Then the judge without any other option with who from the boy’s family to have his custody asked the boy who does he want to live with.

Upon hearing this the boy with a big smirk on his face said the following:

“Is only one person who I want to live with and that is my long lost father that is Conor McGregor because he is not capable of beating anybody anymore.”