Michael Chandler offered the lead role in the new upcoming Mohammed Ali movie as part of Black history month

Michael Chandler last competed at UFC 269 against Justin Gaethje has shown interest in acting for some time, like when he acted that he will take the vaccine if it gets approved.

Chandler even took the time to go train with Aljamain Sterling to improve his acting skills because if you want to be the best you got to learn from the best.

With all the hard work and dedication Chandler has finally snatched his first acting role and no it’s not acting to be Afro-American during BLM month it’s the lead role in the Muhammad Ali remake.

Director of the Muhammad Ali remake Snuki Schaub has revealed earlier today that after serious consideration he has selected Chandler to star in the lead role.

Snuki Schaub

Mr Snuki had the following to say with regards to factors that influenced him to pick Chandler:

“Looking at Michael’s last performance versus Olivera he impressed me with the way he acted that he will win the UFC lightweight championship so I knew right then and there he was the right person for the role”

Chandler did a Instagram Live where he celebrated getting the role and had the following to say:

“Float like a Chandler, Sting Like a Chandler. With a tear in my eye I must say it’s hard to be humble when I will be the greatest actor that has ever graced the earth. I am pleased to announce that I will be staring in the lead role of the Muhammad Ali movie remake, God Bless.”

It was also revealed that the other two options for the lead role for the Muhammad Ali movie remake were Mike Perry and Katlyn Chookagian.