Tyron Woodley threatening to release a new song if Joe Rogan’s Podcast doesn’t get removed from Spotify

Former Fear Factor host and current UFC Commentator Joe Rogan has been in hot waters due to his extraordinary work battling Covid. Multiple celebrities came out wanting to get him cancelled due to daring to have an opinion.

The band of snowflakes took one small win after Rogan had the famous corona specialist doctor W.Silva on his podcast, the episode in question was removed from some platforms soon after being posted but it remained on Spotify.


Rogan didn’t take the L and fired back by the only way he could by creating the ivermectin vaccine which will be made available to UFC fighters first. That wasn’t left without backlash where the one that stood out the most is from former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron “The Frozen One” Woodley where he threatened to release a new music album if Joe Rogan’s podcast doesn’t get removed from Spotify completely.