Aljamain Sterling to take inspiration from Flyweight Champion Nicco Montano in his first title defence against Petr Yan

UFC Undisputed Bantamweight Champion Aljamain “The ClownMaster“ Sterling is set to defend his title against the former champion Petr “No Rules” Yan at UFC 273. Initially the fight was booked for UFC 272 but had to be moved due to Sterling’s acting schedule not adding up.

Sterling in a interview today with our Lead Reporter Brent Welwany has informed us that he has moved camps to Hollywood. Plans to train with the best in the business before his long awaited return to action set that made him famous.

When asked what motivates him the most the New York native had the following to say: “Every night before I go to sleep I look in the mirror and see the clown I have become and that brings me a lot of motivation to want to go and work harder than ever before”

Sterling went even further by stating that in his first title defence against “Cheater Yan” he will take inspiration from the one and only, the Goat UFC Flyweight Champion Nicco Montano. Aljamain stated that what impressed him the most about Montano was how she acted like she had a chance to beat Valentina Shechenko and how every time she pretended to make weight.

The Bantamweight Champion finished of with stating the following: “You got to appreciate greatness and Nicco( Montano) is great where I will take great inspiration from her journey but is only one Aljamain Sterling, The Greatest UFC Actor of all Time, Let’s Gooo”