Former UFC fighter Mike Perry gives Joe Rogan the N-word pass

Former Fear Factor host, current UFC commentator and Podcaster Joe Rogan has been under scrutiny for his unapproved government ‘misinformation’ with regards to covid. The corrupt political left can’t let a man express his opinion if it does not fit their agenda so they tried to do what they do best to silence him.

After failed attempts of silencing Rogan with accusing him of Covid misinformation, they reverted to plan B which is finding old videos of him saying out of context N-word words from 12 years ago. And unironically the compilations of words just happened to come to light when it was most convenient to them.

Anybody that sees this as anything else apart as an attempt of manipulation is ignorant to the actual facts, and yes “planet of the apes” statement was a stupid thing to say, and nobody is defending that but you can’t fully judge a person’s character over one dumb statement he made over 10 years ago while under the influence of alcohol and weed . As for the N-word use you can’t act bothered by Rogan but not by the President of US which he also said the N-word and wouldn’t want his kids growing up in a “racial jungle” or Canada’s Prime Minister who wore a black face. And if you mad about the N-word use I don’t blame you but you should of been mad 10 years ago when he said,not now when a old white politician told so.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
A thread of tweets showing how majority of people are being used as muppets by the white old democratic politicians

But if this doesn’t convince you Joe Rogan is not racist, here is one reason is one reason that will definitely change your mind. He helped start-up Brendan Schaub’s comedy career( who is black according to Kimbo Slice)

But nevermind what I think about it, let’s see how other celebrities reacted to this controversy, and more exactly let’s see how the one and only Mike “The Nigerian Nightmare” Perry reacted to it. Perry in a interview today with our lead reporter Brent Welwany when asked what was his thoughts on Joe Rogan’s N-Word use he had the following to say: “Oh Joe Rogan is my brother, in my eyes he is black at least 2% so I give him the N-word pass”