Keith Peterson reveals he got paid more than Francis Ngannou at UFC 270 to act as the referee in the Halle Berry MMA movie Bruised

The biggest Mixed Martial Art promotion in the world UFC has been for some time criticised due to the allegations of not paying its fighters enough. Even more so at UFC 270 when Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou revealed there was an ongoing dispute with his contract.

Most of the news was focused around what will happen next if Ngannou retained his championship belt, where he did which brought even more questions of the future of the Heavyweight will look like especially that the Championwill be out for almost a year due to to requiring surgery to his injured knee.

Ngannou revealed his salary going into UFC 270 which was just $600k which made former UFC Featherweight Chad Mendes to react after the event by revealing he will be paid more in his Bare Knuckle debut. And if that wasn’t bad enough referee Keith Peterson also revealed today in an interview with ours truly Brent Welwany that he also got paid more then Ngannou at UFC 270 to act as the referee in the highly successful movie directed and started by Halle Berry.

The No Nonsense referee revealed even more in relation with how much he got compensated to star in the movie. Stating he got paid double as much as Ngannou and Dominick Cruz made combined at their last two fights .And he did all of that after a night out of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.