UFC to form a union to combat racism during Black History Month…The main protagonists of this movement will include Chandler, Cerrone and Covington

The biggest Mixed Martial Arts Promotion in the world UFC has been well known to stand up against any of form of discrimination. Last year during the black history month they featured the one and only Michael “Iron” Chandler to celebrate black hearitige.

This year they took it a step further by announcing the formation of an union that will concentrate on fighting against racism during the black history month. The main protagonist of this movement includes lightweight contender Michael Chandler, Hall of Famer Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and former Welterweight title challenger Colby “Chaos” Covington.

Since the announcement was made public the UFC Public Relations Director and proud African-American Mike Perry has released a statement explaining the reasons behind the selection of three individuals and creation of the movement. Perry started by giving evidence on why Chandler, Cerrone and Covington made sense to be at forefront of the battle against racism.

  • Chandler: “ Nobody has done as much as Chandler when it comes to giving back to the black community. He paved the way for people like me to be able to have a job with the UFC.”
  • Cerrone“ Donald is truly a pioneer when it comes to the black culture, nobody is more familiar with the African-American slang then him.”
  • Covington: “Nobody sleeps with more black chicks then Colby, he is the true definition of a white saviour and this is who we need to lead the fight against racism especially during black history month.”

After giving an explanation with regards to the the reason behind selection of the three individuals that was appointed to lead the movement, the UFC Public Relations Director Mr.Perry revealed in a few words what is the aim that they hope to achieve during black history month “increase of sales and good publicity”.