Breaking: Jon Jones to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 276 for The interim Heavyweight Championship…belt to be replaced with money in the bank briefcase

After Francis Ngannou defend his belt at UFC 270 his manager announced that will have surgery on his injured knee which could put him out of action for over a year. The possible long layout and ongoing contract dispute made it seem very likely that another interim title will be announced soon. And that was almost the case when our Lead Journalist Brent Welwany went undercover in the UFC headquarters and retrieved breaking news information.

Welwany managed to break into Dana White’s office and retrieve vital information while he was on the toilet jerking off to a video of him jerking off. Due to White leaving his computer unattended Brent was able to access his browsing history where he discovered searches like “hire assassins to take care of Jake Paul” and “can I pay fighters in Walmart coupons?”. But the most important piece of information was two contracts documents left opened in the sidebar that was meant to be sent to Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic for the interim championship.

The Jones vs Miocic matchup might be a bit surpassing as it has not been a month since Ngannou last defended his belt but what our reporter found next was truly unexpected, in the previously mentioned contracts it appeared that the interim belt will be replaced with money in the bank briefcase which looks like this.

Now you must be asking yourself how will money in a bank briefcase work in ufc, is not like they will hang it up on top of the octagon, well that’s exactly what they are planning to do. After either Miocic or Jones wins they will bring in a ladder in the Octagon to collect where the winner can collect the briefcase. And now that we cleared that up let’s move on to what purpose will the briefcase hold, and is quite simple. The briefcase will replace pay paper view points with all sorts of surprise rewards that will be inside the briefcase. Some of them are Walmart coupons, free cinema tickets for Halle Berry Bruised movie and lastly a chance to hang out with Famous Actors like Aljamain Sterling.