Brendan Schaub threatening to release a new comedy special if Joe Rogan gets removed from Spotify

As most people know by now Joe Rogan has been under severe scrutiny due to his government unapproved covid ‘misinformation‘ and racial slurs he used over 10 years ago. Some celebrities like Tyron Woodley have come out threatening to release new music if Rogan doesn’t get removed from Spotify. In response to the controversy even more celebrities came to support him like Famous actor Aljamain Sterling and now very successful comedian Brendan Schaub.

In a recent interview with our reporter Brent Welwany it was revealed that Schaub will not stand for it if former fear factor host is fired from Spotify, he will release a new comedy special. The former UFC Heavyweight contender appeared to be very serious when it came to his intentions, not stumbling over his own words which was very frightening.

Since Schaub made his intentions public the White House administration scheduled an emergency meeting to decide the how to react to the news of Schaub threatening to release a new comedy special. After a 48 long gruelling hours the meeting was over and their decision was made public, where the White House with releasing the following statement:

“We have been made aware of Mr.Schaub’s intentions of releasing a new comedy special in retaliation of Mr.Rogan’s Podcast being removed from Spotify. Unfortunately not for us we will not back down from trying to stop Mr.Rogan from spreading unapproved government misinformation. If Mr.Schaub will deliver on his promise we will have no option but to revert to the nuclear option. We will immediately request Tyron Woodley to release a new music album and if Mr.Woodley refuses to do so he ain’t black which will lead us to plan B which is Halle Berry to start production of MMA Movie Bruised Part 2 ”