Halle Barry threatens to remove her MMA Movie Bruised from Netflix if Joe Rogan doesn’t get fired from Spotify

Former Fear Factor Host, UFC commentator and Famous Podcaster Joe Rogan has been the most talked person in US for the last couple of days due to a compilation of clips which featured him saying the N-word. The compilation of clips (that is over 10 years old) magically appeared on the internet and went viral not because of the Democratic Party’s attempt of silencing him. That would be a conspiracy just like you would still get covid if you are vaccinated.

Nevertheless, multiple celebrities have reacted to Rogan’s highly offensive words drawing comparison to when US president Joe Biden made similar statements more than a decade ago and therefore he would be the perfect candidate for the 2024 presidency. Some of the celebrities like Mike “The Nigerian Nightmare” Perry, Tyron “The Frozen One” Woodley and now Famous Hollywood actress and movie producer Halle Berry has come out to express their disgust.

Berry in a recent Instagram live made it clear that if Joe Rogan doesn’t get removed from Spotify as soon as possible she will remove her critically acclaimed movie Bruised from Netflix. The movie was one of the highest rated movie to be made within the mixed martial arts world, featuring famous No Nonsense referee and father of Dominick Cruz the one and only Keith Peterson, oh and also Valentina Shevchenko.

Berry didn’t hold back when it came to Rogan stating that he is the only thing that stands between freedom of speech and communism. Removing Rogan will be the best thing that can happen to the very trustworthy government, which will result in having full control what kind of misinformation is released to the public. She also requested that he apologises to Mike Perry for the use of the N-word.

The Hollywood actress showed is nothing she will not do to get Rogan fired from Spotify. Taking it even further by saying that if he doesn’t get removed immediately apart from taking down her movie she will start working on a new movie which will feature Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo as the main characters, and no it will not be a comedy.