Joe Rogan accepts 500 million dollars offer to move his show on effective immediately

Former Fear Factor host, UFC commentator and Famous Podcaster has been talk of the town for some time now, more so in the last week when due to allegations to unapproved misinformation and racial slurs that was made public. Multiple celebrities removed their trash off Spotify to show their disapproval of his actions.

Rogan has been forced to release two statements in the space of one week, apologising for having spread unapproved government misinformation and his impersonation of Joe Biden from over 12 years ago.

Where Joe Rogan took inspiration from when he made his racial comments

After learning from his mistakes Rogan promised that if is one thing he will never do is wear a black face like Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau did.

Even after apologising to Mike Perry for the use of the N-word it seemed like it wasn’t enough as more and more celebrities are coming out to request Rogan to have his Podcast removed from the platform. His Spotify termination appears to be very close to happening especially after the Hollywood famous actor Aljamain Sterling came out threatening to pull out of his next UFC appearance if he is not cancelled. Rogan feeling put in a corner must’ve felt he had no other choice but come on a Instagram live today and announce that he will be moving his podcast with all his library to effective immediately.

The Adult media platform reacted to Rogan’s announcement by revealing that they are welcoming him with open African-American arms and reassured him the last thing they are known for is censorship. They also revealed who his first guest will be in his new ‘blacked’ era of his podcast. The former adult performer War Machine will have the pleasure of attending the first JRE Podcast that will be hosted on And for the first time ever the podcast will be hosted in a prison where War Machine resides.