Daniel Cormier receives criticism for defending his colleague Joe Rogan.. “He can say the N-word he is black”

Former Fear Factor Host, current UFC commentator and Famous Podcaster has been under scrutiny lately due to a compilation of clips featuring him saying the N-word repeatedly that went viral. The series of clips that was put together was recorded somewhere around 10-12 years ago.

A lot of celebrities attacked Rogan for it and even more celebrities defended him. Some of them that defended him received severe backlash. The one that got it the most was his commentary desk colleague and former UFC double champion Daniel “DC” Cormier.

A conversation between Cormier and Dana Black was leaked to online. Cormier appeared confused on why is everyone attacking Rogan for saying the N-word when he is black. The former double champion believes only reason they would attack him is because he didn’t vote for Joe Biden, and when you don’t vote for him you ‘ain’t black”. Or it could be that he didn’t get a N-word pass from Mike Perry which is understandable.

Nevertheless soon after the conversation was leaked Cormier got very severe backlash from a large majority of white men accusing him of not watching enough film before talking. One lady named Dominica Cruz came out saying she mutes him whenever he talks and requested he gets banned from Popeyes chicken indefinitely.

Dominica Cruz