Just in:UFC 271 main-event in jeopardy after Israel Adesanya is in labor due to rupturing his membrane …no word on a replacement for Whittaker

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya is due to defend his belt against former champion Robert Whittaker on February 13th 2021. Last time the two went against each other Adesanya came victorious by knockout in second round.

The Rematch is expected to be fireworks with many fans wanting Whittaker to get the belt back from his arch nemesis The Last GenderBender, but more than ever the fans want The American Dream Paulo Costa do be finally avenged.

Everything seemed to be going as planned, with both fighters appearing to be in good spirits and physical condition to compete Saturday night. Today in the second episode of embedded series Adesanya showed of his painted nails and a litle stomach bump, indicating he put on extra muscle for this fight.

Adesanya’s painted nails
Adesanya’s stomach bump

According to inside sources only a few minutes ago when Adesanya was way to do media for UFC 271 he unexpectedly his water broke and had to be taken immediately to the Maternity Hospital in Houston. After a series of investigations Adesanya was diagnosed with a rupture of membrane and is currently in labor waiting to give birth. Due to the unforeseen circumstances the rematch with Whittaker is in jeopardy.

As of now is no word if Adesanya will be able to fight on Saturday night or who will replace him if that’s even possible. Will The Nigerian native take time off to go on his maternity leave or will he compete on Saturday night and become the first Male Champion to naturally give birth.

The news of Adesanya possibly becoming the first male champion in ufc history to give birth has surprised everyone. Most fans and fighters was excited and happy, praising him for his courage. Only one fighter didn’t seem to be impressed and that was Paulo Costa, the brazilian fighter seemed to be very outraged by Adesanya’s decision to become the first male ufc champion to give birth considering Paulo Costa is the first ufc fighter that was impregnated on live tv by no other than Adesanya.

Costa felt that Adesanya was taking his spotlight away from him especially after he refused to acknowledge his child and pay child care maintenance. Costa challenged Adesanya to a rematch where they will be the first-ever male fighters to compete that have given birth and the stipulation is that the loser not only will lose the Middleweight belt they will also have to pay child maintenance for both children.