Joe Rogan to be inducted in UFC Hall of Fame due to his extraordinary work battling Covid

Famous Podcaster and UFC Commentator Joe Rogan has been talk of the town for some time now, most of it due to his extraordinary work battling Covid. Today Rogan achieved the unbelievable, he went against the honest government and invented the ivermectin vaccine which will cure people from watching CNN.

After the news of Rogan’s Hall of fame induction came out we reached out to Dana White who revealed to us his conversation with Rogan detailing how he contacted him while he was on a elk hunt, stating the following:

“So I call this goofball to ask him about this new ivermectin vaccine and he answers his phone and face times me while he his on a elk hunt but this is not all, the goofball is completely naked and is telling me that he has hunting an elk for over two days. When I hear that I try to tell him to call me back when he is finished. The goofball cuts me off by telling me to be quiet and starts doing yoga, I am completely speechless while he is hanging upside down from a tree meditating and making horse noises. After he is finished with his yoga the goofball without even telling him why I called he says that he knows I want the ivermectin vaccine. Telling how effective it is even for this new variant that goes after children like Pat Barry ,also named Omnicron. The goofball tells he will come riding an elk to my house to bring the vaccine tomorrow. Then out of nowhere starts screaming I am coming for you Sleepy Joe and jumps out the tree straight on the back of an Elk putting making it collapse to the ground and bites his neck ending his life. With blood on his face he then tells me his dinner is ready and hangs up on me”

Surprised of what he has witnessed, Dana immediately calls Mick Maynard and arranges that Joe Rogan is to be inducted into UFC Hall of Fame of 2021 effectively immediately. The Former Fear Factor Host will also be featured in the next black history month promo as a sign of respect for his extraordinary work battling Covid and creating the ivermectin vaccine.