The Rock threatens to remove his shoe line if Joe Rogan is allowed on the commentary booth at UFC 271 to say ‘oh he’s hurt’

The Former Fear Factor Host, Podcaster and UFC Commentator Joe Rogan has been under severe criticism for his government unapproved misinformation spree. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson initially came out praising Rogan when he put out the statement with regards to his ivermectin vaccine.

But soon after Rogan’s compilation of saying the n-word went viral The Rock retracted his comments, describing the whole situation as a ‘learning’ experience just like when he learned to speak Chinese.

With Joe Rogan being expected to appear at UFC 271, The Rock didn’t stay silent doing an Instagram Live where requested that Rogan is not to be allowed on on the commentary booth to say ‘ohh he’s hurt’. If his demands are meet he will will remove his ProjectRock shoe line from the UFC effective immediately and in sign of protest will open a new shoe line inspired by Aljamain Sterling.

Straight after threatening to remove his shoe line from the UFC, The Brahma Bull announced that he will focus all his attention on producing his new movie called “He was never my Friend” which is him on him ruining over his friends with a bus so he can please the bus passengers.