Breaking: Joe Rogan out of UFC 271 commentary…To be replaced with Toe Rogan

Former Fear Factor Host, Podcaster Joe Rogan was due to make his commentary comeback at UFC 271. Today at ceremonial weigh-ins it was noticed that Rogan was absent, only to be confirmed soon after that Rogan will not be be present at UFC 271.

We reached out to the new UFC President Dana Black if we can get clarification on why Joe Rogan will not commentate UFC 271. The new President made the following comments: “Yes that goofball Joe Rogan has been fired from UFC, he was never my friend. And yes he will be replaced with Toe Rogan, who will make his commentary debut at UFC 271.”

Dana Black also informed us that the other two options for replacing Joe Rogan at the commentary was either Mike Perry or Michael Chandler. None of them was available as they are too busy due to black history month.

After hearing the following our Lead Reporter Brent Welwany reached to Joe Rogan himself for a comment, only to find out he is not available due to being out in the woods hunting elks and liberals.