Breaking: Kayne West to face Pete Davison in a boxing match on April 9th, Per Triller Fight Club…Loser to keep Kim Kardashian

Famous Singer Kayne West has been in the news for different reasons, one of them being his break-up with Kim Kardashian due to his support of the former US President Donald Trump. Not long after their break-up Kim was spotted and confirmed to be in a relationship with Celebrity Comedian and actor Pete Davison.

Pete Davison has been known to have a disdain for Kayne West for some time, attacking his character multiple times on SNL. The whole situation wasn’t left with a response from West who apart from accusing Davison for having aids he dissed him on his new album named Donda.

Kayne took it a step further when he announced today during the Supper Bowl on his Instagram, that him and Davison will fight in a boxing match.

Soon after West announcement Triller Fight Club confirmed that both West and Davison will face each other on Aril 9th, and the loser will have to stay with Kim Kardashian as she belongs to the streets.