Text message leaked online of what Joe Rogan said to Jon Anik last night at UFC 271 about Israel Adesanya’s ‘broken hand’

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has been in the news lately for a different topics sparking controversy , with multiple celebrities requesting his contract with Spotify to be terminated. The likes of Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron “The Frozen One” Woodley and First ever African-American UFC Fighter Mike “The Nigerian Nightmare” Perry have come out pushing for for The Podcaster to be fired.

Regardless of all the controversy caused by Rogan with his Podcast he was still due to commentate UFC 271, where it was reported as being on the commentary team with Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik. On Friday unexpectedly the news broke out of him not being able to make the booth for UFC 271, and will be replaced by Michael “One Eye” Bisping.

Following the news of Rogan’s absence at UFC 271 lot of speculations was born as he was banned from commentary by Disney who is the owner of ESPN which UFC holds their PPV’s on. Those news was shut down by UFC President Dana White, who in the Post-fight Press Conference stated that Rogan was able to commentate but chose not too.

What had people curious more then anything was why did Rogan send a text message to his fellow commentary colleague Jon Anik and even more importantly what was exactly in the text message. No need to wait any longer as the text message it self was leaked on Twitter by an annonimus account by the name of Phil The MMA Fool and can be seen below.