Bisping blames bias commentary at UFC 271 on Daniel Cormier…”DC poked me so I couldn’t see Whittaker wining, Mate”

Former UFC Middleweight Champion now turned Broadcaster Michael Bisping made his PPV debut last Saturday at UFC 271. Initially Joe Rogan was due to be in the commentary booth with Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik but Mickey Mouse entered the chat.

Fans appeared to be both excited and furious by the news. On one side they was happy for Bisping to get the opportunity to commentate his first PPV and on the other side they wanted Mickey Mouse to free Joe Rogan as it can be seen in the clip below.

All the excitement went away when Bisping’s commentary appeared to be very bias, but realistically what did the fans expect when when he only sees the fights with one eye. Nevertheless Bisping did turn the commentary in his own personal podcast.

After the backlash received Bisping released a public statement where he blamed his colleague Daniel Cormier for his bias commentary by saying the following: “DC poked me so I couldn’t see Whittaker winning, Mate.”