Joe Rogan gets tattoo on lower lip to show support to the black community

Podcaster Joe Rogan has been in the limelight for some time, mostly due to his controversial views on covid. The creation of the ivermectin vaccine at the Joe Rogan Institute is what many considered an attempt at starting a Third World War.

The very reliable institution Pfizer had no choice but to take action. And did what every reliable institution would. And before you think they paid some leftists on Twitter to cancel him with some old out of context words he said over 12 years ago, then you are ‘wrong’.

You are very wrong just like Alex Jones predicted with the frogs wrong , those videos of Rogan saying the n-word without Mike Perry’s permission is totally unacceptable and therefore he should be abolished from America to go live in Africa.

Nevertheless the UFC commentator has come out publicly and apologised for his African-American impersonation. His apology had mixed feelings but most thought that it was over and we go move forward, wrong. Mickey Mouse though otherwise and had ESPN Parent company Disney remove him from UFC 271 broadcast.

The Former Fear Factor Host being put in a corner realised he had to show that he is truly sorry. Rogan did what nobody thought he could do, he had a tattoo done on his lower lip to show support to the black community when they need it the most, during the black history month. Picture can be seen at the beginning of the article .