Joe Rogan to drop new NFT collection inspired from his n-word compilation

Podcaster Joseph Rogan has been main-stream for some time now due to his Famous Podcast JRE. The reason for his rise to fame is due to his controversial views with regards the ivermectin vaccine and impersonation of African-Americans.

His actions wasn’t left without any backlash, where multiple celebrities have come out criticising him and demanding his release from Spotify. Only last week famous black street fighter Kimbo Slice came out requesting that the former Fear Factor host is silenced or he will instruct his fellow black fighter Brendan Schaub to release a new comedy special.

The news of such extreme threats wasn’t left without action, where ESPN pulled the UFC Commentator from his broadcast duties a day before UFC 271 event. The UFC President Dana White has come out calling it “BS” the news of Joe Rogan being pulled by ESPN parent company Disney by saying it was his choice not work.

Many was wondering what was so important that Joe Rogan had to miss such big PPV such as UFC 271. Normally he is present at every big UFC event based in US. What made it even weird was the fact that he messaged his colleague Jon Anik during the main-event with regards to the Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya, in a text message that was later leaked online and can be seen below.

Nevertheless all the questions was answered today when Joe Rogan had his first Podcast hosted in a Prison with Famous former fighter that goes by the nickname of War Machine. He announced he is dropping his new NFT collection inspired from his n-word compilation. One of many NFT’s that will be released is attached below.

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