Police arrested an Irish man for repeatedly calling 911 and saying “your woife is in my DMs”

At early hours of this morning the Dublin Police Department responded to a 911 call from an Irish man. The call in question appeared to have been made repeatedly by an intoxicated individual that was stating that everyone’s ‘wifes are in his DMs’.

According to the police report , the individual who appeared to be high on coke, made 13 consecutive calls to the emergency department requesting ‘an army to stop him’. When threatened with legal action if he doesn’t stop calling he responded with ‘you will do f**ken nothing’.

The officers who responded to the call found the respective individual in front of a pub in downtown Dublin, screaming at incoming traffic that their wife’s are in his dms. Rightfully concerned due to the mam’s behaviour, they approached him with caution only to be offered a glass of cheap whiskey.

Having refused the whiskey offer as the officers was unable to drink while on duty, they was instantly attacked by the individual. The officers seeing their life flash in front of their eyes had no choice but to use their tasers to detain the aggressive man looking gremlin.

In the process of getting tased the Irish man tripped and broke his angle, which prompted him to start screaming ‘this is not over’. While putting him in cuffs the officers warned him to do what they ask him which prompted the man to respond with ‘The Double Champ does whatever the f**k he wants’ .

After restraining him the officers transported the individual to the nearest police station to be processed. No other news was heard since, if or when he will be released.