Breaking: Aljamain Sterling kidnapped by Russians…kept hostage until UFC 273 where he will be forced to fight Petr Yan

Current ‘UFC Bantamweight Champion’ Aljamain “The Clown Master” Sterling has been kidnapped by Russians who will keep him hostage until UFC 273 where he will be forced to fight Petr Yan. The news of this ordeal was made public when the kidnappers hacked his Twitter account and posted the following tweet.

We reached out to Aljamain Sterling and his team to verify the authenticity of this tweet. His acting coach Michael Chandler has confirmed that he has missed his last acting class and was not seen in over 24 hours. He checked at his home and only his clown hat was there. Aljamain would never leave without his clown hat so that confirms that he was kidnapped.

Our lead reporter Brent Welwany went even further and contacted the UFC to provide an statement with regards to this situation. The UFC Legal team responded with the following statement: “We are well aware of Aljamain Sterling’s current situation and we are in the process of investigation, within the next couple of weeks we will be able to retrieve the UFC belt from his kidnappers and arrange a deal so he is returned just in time to fight Petr Yan”

Fight fans and MMA celebrities alike also reacted to the news with most notably highly successful Comedian Brendan Schaub offering to hold negotiations with the Russians kidnappers. Schaub offered to release his comedy special in Russian in exchange for Sterling’s release. The kidnappers upon hearing this returned Aljamain immediately with the promise that Schaub will not do such a thing to release his comedy special in Russian.