Breaking: Undefeated boxer Charlie Zelenoff to face Cm Punk in Bare Knuckle Boxing on May 13th per BKFC President Ben Derhover

Famous Undefeated Boxer (331-0) And arguably the best of all time Charlie “Z-Money” Zelenoff has been semi-retired since he last defeated Heavyweight Deontay Wilder in a devastating fashion in 2015.

The chances of Z-Money returning appeared to be very slim, it was nobody left for him to put his undefeated record on the line. That was until ‘the best in the world’ Philip “Cm Punk” Brooks called him out. The only other man who can match his brilliance in all combat sports, who also never lost his zero.( 0-2 in UFC)

Upon hearing of this Charlie Zelenoff immediately accepted the offer, he knew Punk is ‘The Goat’ and will push him to train the hardest so he can take his O (zero). The undefeated boxer started his training by sucker-punching elderly at his local bingo hall.

Everything seemed to be going as planned apart from one small thing, they do not have a promotion and venue yet. That was resolved immediately as BKFC President Ben Derhover offered to host the biggest fight of all time under his promotion. With that out of the way Charlie Zelenoff is set to face Cm Punk on May 13th in a bare knuckle boxing match that will be held in a prison cell in Alcatraz.