UFC signs 3-0 prospect Kyle Rittenhouse to a 6 fight deal…to debut at UFC 272

Highly touted prospect Kyle Rittenhouse has went viral after going 3-0 in a impressive record, all in one night, two knockouts and one TKO earning his nickname of “F*ck around and find out”.

The attention that Rittenhouse created for himself got UFC involved who signed him to a 6 fights deal contract. The Kenosha star is due to make his debut at UFC 272. He will have the chance to compete on the same card as his idol , one half of the main event Colby Covington.

After the news of Rittenhouse came out a lot of fans and fighters criticised the UFC for signing him due to not having enough experience. But somebody wiser would think that the last thing Rittenhouse needs to do is get more experience.

Nevertheless of the fan’s opinion Rittenhouse will make his debut on March 6th. The commission also released a statement that he will be allowed in his walkout to the octagon to have AR-15.