Floyd Mayweather receives backlash after selling reading courses that turned out to be a scam

Retired Undefeated Boxer 50-0 Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been in the news recently due to his alleged scams. Starting from promoting crypto/NFT pump and dumbs and getting sued for not paying Logan Paul for their boxing match they had on June 6th 2021.–king-scumbag-floyd-mayweather-for-lack-of-payment-from-fight.amp.html

Even though Mayweather have been sued more times than he can count, he has continued with his alleged scams, with his newest one being a reading course that he sold to thousands of his fans. Even though it was obvious that Mayweather can’t read people still bought his course and got mad after they realised what it was obvious from the get-go that its was an alleged scam.

Regardless of peoples lack of ability to acknowledge obvious scams, Mayweather still received severe backlash on social media over his reading course. With one fan with the name of ‘Half of a Dollar’ tweeting for his money back or for The Undefeated Boxer to read a full page from a Harry Potter book. Mayweather didn’t respond to the tweet as he couldn’t read it.