Rumours of Joe Rogan being racist shut down after picture of him with his daughter got leaked online

Podcaster Joe Rogan has been in the news in the last month or so for all the wrong reasons. Being accused of unapproved government Covid misinformation and racism. Old clips of him saying the n-word appeared coincidentally after failed attempts to get him removed from Spotify for not being in line with the very trustworthy government.

The former Fear Factor Host came publicity twice to apologise with the hope that the controversy will go away even offering to move his podcast to in sign of respect for the black community.

Unfortunately that didn’t appear to be enough as he was removed from the broadcast team a day before the UFC 271 event. The decision appeared to come from ESPN’s parent company Disney. Even though he wasn’t present at the event, he still texted his college and good friend Jon Anik during the main-event.

After the event during the post-fight press conference UFC President Dana White defended Rogan by stating he chose not to be present to the event. And called ‘BS’ on the news of him being removed from the commentary.

With everything happening most people appear to have moved forward, accepting Rogan’s apology but some haven’t . Like the former UFC Welterweight fighter Mike Perry who wasn’t happy that he used the n-word without a pass from himself. All of that came to an end when a picture of Joe Rogan with his daughter was leaked online by an anonymous Twitter user who goes by the name of Snuki Shubi.