Breaking: Russia surrenders after threats of Conor McGregor offering to meet with Putin for a glass of Proper Twelve Whiskey

Putin’s Russia has been waging war with Ukraine for the last two days, which caused multiple Countries leaders and well known celebrities to react, speaking out publicly against the war crimes committed by the Russian troops.

Threading to impose severe sanctions like removing their music from Spotify and even doing so in some cases. The sanctions didn’t appear to scare Putin in the past and still doesn’t now. Regardless of all the celebrities coming out ask Putin to stop, it seemed not to be effective as of yet.

Comedian Brendan Schaub and Hollywood actress and Movie Producer Halle Berry came out threatening to release new comedy special and Bruised part 2 IN RUSSIAN. None of this seemed to faze Putin as he managed to incorporate CNN’s style of reporting news, filtering only the government approved misinformation.

That was until minutes ago where Famous Irish President Conor “The Notorious” McGregor has come out live on his Instagram. While drunk to the gills and fuelled on coke McGregor offered Putin to meet for a glass of Proper Twelve Whiskey so he can solve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Soon after the news of McGregor’s threat got to Putin, the Ukrainian representatives announced that enemy troops have retrieved immediately out of their country. Holding up a white flag signifying that they are surrendering along with a message saying the following: “Please Comrade Conner do not come, we surrender and Putin’s wife is in your DM’s.”