Breaking: USA deploying two of their best African-Americans soldiers to help Ukraine in the war with Russia

Breaking News!!! You heard it right The United States of America is deploying two of their best African-American soldiers to help Ukraine in the war with Russia. The good news came after President Biden did an emergency meeting at the White House with regards to Russia invading Ukraine. Biden announced that he will be sanctioning Putin’s actions financially.

Apart from the financial sanctions Biden also informed that effective immediately he will send two of his best African-American soldiers to Ukraine. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon” Bones”Jones and famous Nigerian Podcaster Joe Rogan.

Rogan and Jones will are due to arrive in Ukraine in the next 24 hours where they will have the mission to push the alien forces out of Ukraine. Both Jones and Rogan will be on a mixture of DMT with Coke, which will give them a big advantage against the Russians.

If unfortunately Rogan and Jones are defeated even though it seems highly unlikely, Biden announced he has a plan B which he hopes he will never have to use not even on his worst enemy. He will have Brendan Schaub release his comedy special in Russian.