Breaking: Viral Pilot that downed more than 6 Russian aircrafts ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ identity revealed

On early morning of February 24th Putin launched a full scale invasion on Ukraine citing “special operations to regain freedom”. Even though outnumbered the Ukrainians managed to cause more damage to the invading forces. Having the numbers of casualties triple as theirs.

One story that has now gone viral is a Ukrainian aircraft that managed to take down on its on more than 6 enemy airplanes. The pilot in question was nicknamed Ghost of Kyiv. The authenticity of this story has not been confirmed if is true or not, even though it has been reported by multiple verified outlets.

That was only until a few minutes ago, where we got hold of ground breaking information from our lead reporter Brent Welwany who is at the moment in Ukraine frontlines gathering the most important pieces of information. Welwany due to his heroics acts was given the vital information which is the identity of the so called Ghost of Kyiv who is none other the famous giant Hasbulla Magomedov.

Unfortunately our lead reporter wasn’t the only one that was able to get information on the identity of Ghost Of Kyiv, a Russian spy by the name of Alja Sterlinmanov has infiltrated the Ukrainians ranks. The spy was able to send the information to Putin who has organised an emergency meeting to see how to respond. Rumours are that a surrender is the most likely outcome due to the fact that nobody is a match for the Great Hassbula aka Ghost of Kyiv.