Brendan Schaub threatening to release his comedy special in russian if Putin doesn’t pull his troops out of Ukraine immediately

Former UFC Heavyweight Competitor Brendan Schaub has been against the injustices done around the world. Last time defending Joe Rogan by threatening to release a new comedy special if he gets removed from Spotify. This time was no different where Schaub made a threat which can’t be ignored.

Schaub threatened Russian President Putin if he does not remove his troops from Ukraine a new special will be released in Russian.

Putin reacted to Schaub’s threat by holding an emergency meeting where he was advised how to proceed in this very explosive situation. Putin after 12 hours of debates released the following statement that is translated in English: “We have been made aware of Snuki Schaub’s threats and we are taking it very seriously, honestly hearing his comedy special in Russian is worse than sending atomic bombs. But we must protect the Motherland so if Schaub releases his special in Russian we will immediately kidnap Woodley and make him release new songs for all the Americans can hear. Oh and one last thing Alja is a paper champ clown. “

After hearing the news of Putin’s counter-attack threat made in retaliation to Schaub, One Hollywood’s biggest actress Halle Berry responded with a even bigger threat, she will will start production of her MMA movie Bruised part 2 IN RUSSIAN.