Jon Jones to sue Las Vegas PD for releasing the video of his arrest …requesting to be compensated by having officer Nerd become his fiancée

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones has been out of competition for over two years now. If you don’t count his last September arrest . Yesterday body camera footage was released of him being detained which caused the MMA world to blow up.

Soon after the footage was released Jon Jones reacted by revealing that his fiancée left him two months ago. Basically trying to make everyone feel sorry for him. And just like his USADA tests his thought process failed him and a large majority roasted the hell out of him as he deserved.

One of the best reactions to Jon Jones fiancée leaving him was none other than Colby “Chaos” Covington, who proceeded not in one but two occasions to ‘demolish’ the former Light Heavyweight Champion. Firstly in his direct messages on Instagram and secondly quote-tweeting him.

Nevertheless Jon Jones didn’t give any attention to Covington as he was way more busy with something else, as it can be seen in the video below, Jon Jones had a beef with a Police officer who he calls Nerd multiple times and says he ‘hates him’.

Even though the arrest happened last September Jones has not forgotten about it. Announcing via his Instagram just minutes ago that he will be suing Las Vegas Police Department for releasing the recording of his arrest without his permission. Once the case goes to court Bones will seek as compensation for the damages caused to his reputation that Officer Nerd is to become his fiancée for a month.