Just In:Halle Berry threatens to start production on her MMA movie Bruised Part 2 if Putin doesn’t pull his troops out of Ukraine

Yes this is true, not just another publicity stunt done by Celebrities to gather good karma. Famous Hollywood Actress and movie producer Halle Berry threatens Putin with releasing part two of her MMA movie Bruised IN RUSSIAN.

Even though that might seem a very drastic measure to take by Berry, and it certainly is as the first movie Bruised was used by Bin Laden as a mean of torture on the captured american soldiers. And yes Bin Laden is as dead as Jon Jones drug clean record.

Nevertheless the news of Berry’s threats came after she had a private conversation with our lead journalist Brent Welwany that he released against her wishes. As what any good journalist does.

In the conversation with Welwani the famous Hollywood actress revealed that she will be casting Mike Perry in the role of Israel Adesanya. In the movie the Adesanya character will wear high heels,painted hand and toe nails and lipstick. The entire movie will be in Russian and will be released at their cinemas.